The Marine Enology Group

Our Underwater Winery in the Mediterranean

Our Underwater Winery in the Mediterranean...


..has been designed with innovative technology after years of experimenting. Our underwater structures were engineered to increase the growth of marine life in the area, provide shelter for the smaller inhabitants and improve the quality aging of the wines through the marine currents.

High pressure, the silence of the depth, constant temperatures, the absence of light and noises, currents, and the constant tide changes affected by the Moon and micro-gravity. In these conditions wine evolves faster, it becomes more complex, and it transforms in a way that could never be achieved on land.

ElixSea has been for the last years experimenting and selecting only the top quality wines. Our quality standards differentiate us.

Underwater wine within the reach of lovers of the sea, seekers of the best wines in the world, enthusiasts and fans of art and wine collectors.

“Shipwreck wines are very rare to find and you cannot be sure if your treasure will be a sailor’s table wine or a rare bottle from the captain's private collection”