Elixir of the Sea

As the waves and currents have been forming the shores, carving the stone cliffs of Costa Brava they are making our wines evolve in a completely unique way… A pure gift from mother nature into your wine glasses.
The way only the raw power of the sea is able to.

A wine

… to become the unmistakably unique ELIXIR, has to go through a long journey. This journey starts in the renowned Priorat D.O.Q. of Spain.

The winery producing our wines is one of the oldest ofthe area, using new techniques combined with the recovered ancestral ones of the monks from centuries ago. The soil is based on red clay, silt and slate which already gives the grapes a unique touch right from the beginning of their journey to the world of limited edition wines to the Mediterranean SEA. Costa Brava has been recognized as the hot spot in terms of marine biodiversity.
Our wines are aging submerged into these waters which are known of the richest nutrients constantly supplied by the healthiest currents from the marine parks of Cap de Creus and Medes Islands. The constant motion of the sea rocks the cradle of our bottles.

This is the place where mother nature is adding the unique notes of the sea.

Our Underwater Winery

has been designed with innovative technology that makes us the pioneers of the underwater ageing. Our underwater structures were engineered to increase the growth of marine life in the area, provide shelter for the smaller inhabitants and improve the aging of the wines through the marine currents. We are working with an experienced team of scientists from some of the top research centers: CSIC and UdC

We are committed

Elixsea Beverages is committed to and supports the conservation of our planet and we are working close with NGOs and research centres to protect, create and promote a new underwater ecosystem.

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