Some of you were asking about the special wax we are applying to the bottles. Let me try and summarize the answers to the most common questions.
Our wax is much harder than any candle wax and it has a much better grip on the glass too. It is very important because it has to withstand approximately 4 atmospheres of water pressure(almost twice the pressure of a car tire). If applied properly it keeps the seawater out of the bottle.

Interesting fact: The Romans mixed seawater with their wine before drinking it. Then honey, spices, and medicinal herbs were added. This is not our intention tho. Our wines are salt-free (would not recommend adding any honey, spices or herbs either)

To make sure every bottle is sealed properly we apply the wax by hand and visually inspect each bottle once extracted from the sea. This is one of the most important parts to ensure, that there is no pressure damage and the wine is only touched by the marine vibrations and not the saltwater. 

Here is a short video of how to remove it.


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