The captain's lost wine collection

The constant motion of the sea gently rocks the cradle of our bottles

SeaStar 2018 - Anniversary Edition

For the 5th anniversary of ElixSea Wines we are offering some very special bottles to the members of our Marine Enology Group.
Become a member by purchasing a bottle.

A piece of art inside and out.


The most beautiful bottles of the SeaStar 2018 vintage, were designed by Poseidon himself.

For the 5th anniversary of ElixSea Wines, they are available for our Marine Enology Group members.

Bottles made: Not enough

100% Grenache
Appellation: Priorat D.O.Ca
Time underwater: 6 months ( 14 meters deep)
Year: 2018
Alc: 14% vol.
Vol: 0,75 L.