Mariona Alabau and Gergö Borbély


Born and raised in the mountains of the Pyrennes. But once I met the Mediterranean Sea I knew I will commit my life to the blue. I have a license with an environmental degree and a Master of Biodiversity.

This passion took me to work in the 5 continents with conservation and diving jobs. During this journey, Gergo’s path crossed my life. Same love, at first sight, I got from the sea, it happened with Geri too. Since then I am very happy to work together evolving, building, and growing in the world of blue economy and marine enology.




I have been around our Hungarian family winery since I can remember. Helping around the harvest, cleaning barrels, and making wine. Later on, I got my diploma in wines and spirits.

Right after the university, adventure was calling me to South East Asia. I had not traveled much and diving interested me a lot. Actually, this path led me to meet my future wife (yes, I have found her under the sea).
After 5-6 years of discovering the world's most beautiful dive sites, underwater caves,  frozen mountain lakes, and diving with sharks amongst other things my roots started to call me back.
To use my passion for wine and combine it with the beauty and adventure that the underwater world has added to my life.