About us

Gergo Borbely

How did a bottle of Hungarian wine end up in the middle of the jungle in Thailand, and how did Spanish wines learn to dive? I am a wine enthusiast and a diving instructor. My diving jobs have taken me to several places from the warm seas of Southeast Asia to the crystal clear waters of Iceland. Shark dives, volcanic lakes, glacier waterfalls, hidden caves… you name it. During these adventures, only two things have become my permanent companions. One is a bottle of wine from my father’s small winery which has always been the source of the best ideas. The other one is my partner Mariona, who I am lucky enough to share these adventures and special moments with. One night after a crazy hiking day in 2017, deep in the Thai jungle, we were sipping the last bottle of wine that I had brought from home. We were talking about the idea of a perfect life. Passion, adventure and hobby combined. That was the night when the concept of our company was born. Lots of learning, researching, experimenting filled with our hopes and dreams. We were onto something big: to grab the essence of passion, wine and adventure. That is how The Elixir of the Sea came to life. The one for the special moments. It has become my mission to find the best wines in the world that were made with love and passion. Then to add the flavour of adventure and to share them with those who are about to have the conversation of their idea of a perfect life (either in a jungle or at home).

Mariona Alabau Peyra

I got a double degree in Environmental Science and Nutrition, although nature is the thing that has always stolen my heart. Therefore, I got my master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation. As I worked and learned more about the natural environment, I came to the realization that we need to change the way we are using our resources. With my passion for the sea I have been living and working on five continents as a diving instructor. 71% of our planet is covered by water. I had a feeling that we should do something with this percentage. When I met Gergo, we saw the possibility of bringing the world of agriculture under the sea, conserving the values through this new activity and giving something different to society.

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